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  1. aling sa battleground? GMT ba ? geffen magic tourna? wag un OP un Hahahahaha pero kung ilalagay edi ayos lang din makakbili nmn lahat Hahahaha. ung white knight card nmn bali wala dito Hahahahaha
  2. @[GM]Carlyn Just a wild suggestion. if you can review all the new cards on instances you might want to add them as well. example is on the horror factory. vicious cookie vicious teddy etc etc.
  4. Hi Guys how are you. just found a shop where im going to try our RO and I'll be trying to keep in touch everyday just started working this week -Murmur HAHAHA
  5. it has been already added and not only normal cards had been added. there are 1%/rare cards added as well.
  6. para di din kayo masyado malito High damage is good. but usually its effective on certain sizes /no1 for PVP players are Demihuman medium sized monsters /no1 have fun
  7. @Ronald pare sala pa ako. mas maganda pa din pla crimson bow wahahahaha
  8. pag Sstage game pa pm sabihin nyo lang
  9. need ko lang GC para mag try ng new items pra ma test ko mga items na pwede nyo maging equips
  10. simple guide how to obtain dye requirements most herbs are dropped by GOAT in yuno field 07 and empty bottle as well if you're going to farm white herbs i would highly suggest to farm it on sasquatch. maybe you're going to wonder why sasquatch. but here's the thing if you're going to farm it on sasquatch farm it on leib olmai it have 55 spawns i guess on guild dun -> Baldur -> F1 .. so basically there will be 3x55 spawns of sasquatch over there and the map is a little bit small so its easy to farm i think you can have 1k herbs within 30 mins or maybe before 30mins Hahaha about mixtures and counter agent. i dont know if it will be effective to but so it will be fast farming and everything is included what im doing is im farming poison spore and of course the next thing will be using plant cultivation level 1 of creator. so you can spawn large count of mushroom. so you can farm alcohol karvodailnirol detrimindexta in no time Good Luck fellows and please post here your best ways to farm about this quest items so we can share ideas special thank to @Ronald for helping me
  11. S > Violent Coel card = 600 GC nlng // 850GC sa cash shop.
  12. pero un nga sa madaling salita kaya walang rebel kasi 2nds jobs lang tayo wlng 3rds
  13. Oo rebellion pang farm ko sa instance din eh. 30k per hit ung desperado ko dun eh. may awakening kasi rebellion tapos may mataas na boost pa ung mga skill mga skill combos. kagaya nung ginagawa sa taas. Fallen angel lang tapos desperado. pero kung 3rds to ayos lang rebellion yan kaya pa din habulin damage nyan. pero un nga di tayo 3rds eh. pero kaya palakasin slinger dito promise. kya mo mag pag atleast 60k max output despe ung awakening ung mas tataas pa ung % output nung mga damage ng Gunslinger skills.
  14. ang naiisip ko dito eh di crit type eh. despe type Hahahaha di slotted yan